dist_proto.flags module

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DEFAULT_DFLAGS = 217020

Default flags value represents current Pyrlang library features as a combination of feature bits.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_ATOM_CACHE = 2

Supports atoms sent in batches.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_BIT_BINARIES = 1024

The node supports incomplete trailing byte in binaries.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_DIST_MONITOR = 8

The node supports remote monitoring for processes.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_DIST_MONITOR_NAME = 32

The node supports remote monitoring for named processes.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_EXIT_PAYLOAD = 4194304

The node supports additional payload for exit messages, DOP_PAYLOAD_MONITOR_P_EXIT, DOP_PAYLOAD_EXIT_TT, DOP_PAYLOAD_EXIT otherwise DOP_MONITOR_P_EXIT, DOP_EXIT_TT, DOP_EXIT are used.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_EXT_PIDS_PORTS = 256

The node supports encoding/decoding of external pids and ports.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_EXT_REFS = 4

The node supports encoding/decoding of external references.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_FRAGMENTS = 8388608

The node supports fragmentation for large packets.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_INTERNAL_TAGS = 32768

Used internally by ETS compressed option in Erlang/OTP.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_MAP_TAG = 131072

The node can handle map encoding.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_NEW_FLOATS = 2048

The node supports 8-byte double encoding as IEEE-double.

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_NO_MAGIC = 2097152

Internal for pending connection (BEAM VM internal).

pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DFLAG_PUBLISHED = 1

Visible or hidden node.

class pyrlang.dist_proto.flags.DistributionFlags(cookie: str, dflags: int = 217020)

Bases: object

A class holding an integer with features that are supported by this node, and the network cookie.