dist_proto.client module

The module implements outgoing TCP dist_proto connection (i.e. initiated by our node to another node with the help of EPMD).

class pyrlang.dist_proto.client.DistClientProtocol(node_name: str)

Bases: pyrlang.dist_proto.base_dist_protocol.BaseDistProtocol

Handles outgoing connections from our to other nodes.

connection_made(transport: asyncio.transports.Transport)

Connection has been accepted and established (callback).

on_packet(data: bytes) → bytes

Handle incoming dist_proto packet


data -- The packet after the header had been removed

on_packet_alive(data: bytes) → bytes
on_packet_recvchallenge(data: bytes) → bytes
on_packet_recvchallenge_ack(data: bytes) → bytes
on_packet_recvstatus(data: bytes) → bytes